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Elopment Wedding

Elopement Wedding is the name given to wedding ceremonies that happen suddenly, sometimes even secretly, without the presence of friends, family, or with a very limited number of guests.The word Elope in English means to flee from somewhere and not to return and gave rise to the expression Elopement.

Whoever has organized a wedding knows that in the midst of so many decisions, the idea of making that day a moment to two is really tempting ...

The Elopement Wedding is perfect for couples who dream of a single moment of theirs. They want an intense moment, with meaning, depth and a lot of intimacy.

Mini Wedding

Do you dream about a small intimate wedding? Then the mini wedding is for you!

Mini wedding's are intimate ceremonies where the party has a personal stamp and the bride and groom are much closer to the guests. They can be celebrated in unlikely environments, such as at the parents' house, the garden of the bride and groom, the family cottage, or a place that has a special meaning for the bride and groom.

Imagine celebrating love alongside people who are really important, without any kind of obligation or protocol! That's the essence of Mini Wedding!

Decor e Styling

Our decoration services are for out-of-the-box grooms looking for a personalized and loving decoration. Have you found the ideal place, but not yet as you had imagined? Are you getting married in the backyard where you spent your childhood and think the space needs a touch of charm? It will be a privilege to create an exclusive project for the place you have chosen, whether it is on the beach, in the countryside, at home, in the church ...

Wedding Desert Table

When you want to surprise your guests with a party full of charm and good taste we have created a custom made sweet table.